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Friday, August 14, 2009

Work, quilting and friends

Its been quite a while since I wrote last and the last few days has been extremely busy. In one of my previous blogs I had written about the work of getting sponsors for children in need in Sri Lanka and a comment made by a reader made me re-think the whole process. She had mentioned that this work must be very rewarding. To this I would dearly like to add a rider that apart from rewarding it is very frustrating!!!

In Sri Lanka we have a segment of very affluent people who could very easily spare some cash for helping out those in need and it is this segment of people who sometimes seem to me to live in a world of their own, not realising that poverty and need is just outside their door!!! How people can live in a little world of their own and never see what is in front of them I will never know. Anyway enough sermonising!

This last week I gave as a gift one of the baby quilts I had made. It was the first time I have gifted someone with a quilt and I really think that it gave me so much pleasure since I was so delighted with the way it turned out. It was a simple nine patch quilt, nothing fancy, but hand quilted of course and I do hope it will be used well.

Tomorrow another friend's daughter opens a day care centre cum activity centre for children and I have made another quilt slightly bigger than a baby quilt - in the coins pattern - which I will take with me as a gift. I am so delighted that I have been able to do this because if someone told me six months ago that I would be quilting again, I would never have imagined it to be possible.

Crochet is another craft that I would like to look at more closely. The granny squares made into spreads and afghans has fascinated me. Lets see whether I could learn this from one of the numerous bloggers around. More on that in a later post!!!

Right now in Sri Lanka the advanced level examinations are on. This is the examination from which students qualify for entrance to Universities locally. This is a time that not only the students but also parents are absolutely stressed out wondering whether their children would succeed in their attempts to get into Universities locally. University education in Sri Lanka is free but spaces are limited hence the competition is fierce. My good wishes to all students out there.

On most American blogs people talk about the changing of the seasons and are looking forward to fall. It must be a very nice feeling anticipating this because here we do not have specific seasons. It is either a rainy season which can be very very slightly cooler or the normal hot and dry season. Interspersed with that could be a time with no rains and drought or excess rains and floods!!! No specific seasons at all. The world is indeed different in all its aspects!!!

Till next time!


  1. Baby quilts are always so satisfying to make!! Crocheted rugs are always lovely - good luck in learning this new technqiue.

  2. Hi! Just wanted to come over and visit your blog and thank you for visiting mine! It's interesting to read about your home.
    Thanks for entering my giveaway! :)