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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Too many happenings!

The last few days has been overwhelming. I have had to accompany people to hospital
for check ups, and then subsequent visits to doctors and this round has not ended as yet.
On top of that I had visitors to attend to and although that is the enjoyable part it does
tend to take big chunks of the day. As a result my crafting/quilting took a back seat over
the last few days.

I was able to complete two more tote bags and I know they will be liked as one friend for
whom I intended to give it to for Christmas remarked on the bag saying I hope I am doing one
for her as well. OK. That means she likes it and she will get something similar - I myself love
surprises and hate to know in advance what my gifts are! so definitely she will get something
different, not the same tote bag hanging in there. Christmas seems very close now. I am hopeful
that my three children will be able to come home for Christmas this year (like they usually do)
I am also hoping that we could have a wedding in the family sooner than later and am crossing
my fingers hoping it will come true!

Weddings in Sri Lanka for my overseas readers are elaborate, lovely affairs. There is a church wedding which is almost identical to what my overseas friends would be familiar with - the only difference in attire where the bride may wear a sari instead of a dress. And there is the wedding which is very common in Sri Lanka today where people of two different faiths get married so there are two separate functions to satisfy both families. This is what makes it more complicated, of course more expensive and more interesting. There are invariably different sets of clothes, the different accessories, different hair styles and everything else that goes to make a "mixed marriage" wedding complete. Sri Lanka has a majority of Buddhists in this country, followed by
Hindus and Muslims with Christians as a small minority so the degree of mixed marriages is high particularly in cosmopolitan Colombo our capital city.

Weddings can also be very elaborate affairs in Sri Lanka involving a lot of expense, sometimes needless expenses just to keep up with the Jones. In Sri Lanka the trend of having weddings in your own home has become restricted mainly to very interior small villages where the lack of community halls, hotels and reception centres forces one to have it at home. However, the trend in cities is to have the reception in a wedding reception hall and cater for a sit down or buffet style lunch or dinner. Food at receptions is invariably very good with a wide variety of dishes to suit all tastes.

In lots of American and Australian blog sites people talk of change of the seasons and it is with so much affection for the coming autumn or spring or whatever. Here in Sri Lanka where invariably it is a dry hot season or a rainy wet season with not much change in the temperature it must be very nice to have such distinct change of temperature and have different clothes to wear for the different seasons. Of course it has to be expensive as well but one cant have everything can one?

I have still not been able to do the photographs and know that it is now an absolute necessity. Hopefully next week.

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  1. Sorry about all of the problems that you were having. You still were able to finish projects and that is so good. I also enjoy all of the information about Sri Lanka. it is so interesting to read!