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Monday, August 31, 2009


The posting with the photographs got a little complicated! I am not very sure how this
posting of photos is being done and got my son to help out - as a result it came without
captions or rather proper captions so please excuse that part of it.

The baby quilts both went to friends daughters one who opened a day care center and the
other who had her first baby. The triangular pieced quilt is with me and is a christmas present.
I do have another one which I will post photos of.

Right now two quilts in progress and a very long way to go. One is strip pieced in blocks, now to
be sashed and basted and quilted, the other a log cabin which is turning out to be lovely though I say so myself in shades of pink, reds and a touch of aqua! More on that.

Had a friend over for the weekend and since she is also a sewing enthusiast, we had a very good
time looking at all the internet has to offer in the form of tutorials, blogs and patterns. She lives in a rather remote area of Sri Lanka in the hills of Sri Lanka actually and computer access and
and continuity of access is very difficult. We take so much for granted by way of technology in
our cities whereas so many parts of Sri Lanka are still not able to take advantage of all that is available.

My apologies also for not replying to those who commented on my blogs. I was thrilled to see people had taken the trouble to read and comment and just figured out how to reply. I am a slow learner I think. Thanks for the comments. Everyone of them is appreciated.


  1. Hi Mystica: Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my new pattern. I drew your name as a winner in my giveaway. However, you have a no-reply for your address. You'll have to e-mail me directly, so I can get the pattern to you. It's calicodaisy (at) gmail (dot) com.

  2. I am looking forward to seeing your quilts. You will get the hang of blogging...It isn't that hard. It is always wonderful to hear waht you are doing!

  3. Those are some gorgeous quilts! You have so much talent.