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Sunday, April 30, 2023

The Scottish Ladies Detective Agency by Lydia Travers

1911 and the world still rigidly governed by gender roles. Not easy for a woman keen to forge an independent path. Also an unusual path. As a lady detective. Maud Mcintyre thought her first queries would be baby steps in detection but she gets landed head first in a serious case of theft - robberies in aristocrats homes and of jewellery which is very expensive. Posing as a fellow guest with her side kick Daisy being her maid, they successfully weave their way through the weekend, with a murder and a heist and a successful conclusion. Following their success several queries follow. A missing dog, also found, a missing bride also found but Maud has a niggling fear that their initial arrest was of the wrong man and the actual culprit is at large. How to connect the dots, and convict the correct thief forms the intrigue of the latter part of the story. The setting of 1911 and social expectations and attitudes of the day added a great interest to the story. Sent by Bokkouture for an independent review, courtesy of Netgalley.

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