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Friday, November 18, 2022

The New Person by Loretta Nyhan

Roxy's entire world is her little boy. working two jobs she knows that what she can offer him in material terms is much less than his father and new wife. They have a lavish lifestyle and Roxy can see clearly that the boy is tempted and overwhelmed by what is on offer. When the dice is thrown for a full custody by the father, Roxy turns to the tricky precarious world of being a surrogate. The couple wanting a surrogate have a story of heartbreak, loss of their own and the three try to bond in the waiting period of nine months. This was an emotional story told from many viewpoints - each with a complicated history of their own. This was a no win situation for all the players and looked at not just child custody and the see saw between bickering parents, but the basic emotions of those involved in surrogacy. The book was sent to me by Lake Union Publishing for an unbiased review courtesy of Netgalley.

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  1. This one sounds a bit sad and depressing. Did you like the way it ended?