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Sunday, July 25, 2021

Strictly Murder (Verity Long Mysteries No. 1) by Lynda Wilcox

Verity is harmless but tends to land herself in unwanted troubles. On a house hunt for a place to live, she inspects a flat and finds a dead body - and a celebrity to boot. Verity finds herself as a suspect in the murder herself and gets drawn into the world of theatre, lots of stars all bitchy and all not appearing as nice as they look (though there are are some very handsome ones in the mix). Verity works for a crime fiction writer. Her job is to ferret out old crimes and get all the information on them so that her boss can formulate a story out of them. The author is a very successful one and the formula seems to have worked all this time. This time around in the ferreting of information, Verity herself is in the line of fire as there are people not happy with the way inquiries are going. A cosy crime mystery (with a few too many strands to connect) and also a touch of romance to lighten it up this made for interesting reading. Downloaded from Amazon.