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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Crooked In His Ways by S M Godwin

Albert Beauchamp disappears and appears a year later - but in a crate in New Orleans, very well salted. Inspector Lightner alias Lord Jasper and Hieronymus Law are the detectives on the case. Investigations reveal that Albert was a very unsavory character. Blackmail was his chosen occupation and he bled many not just the high and mighty but even the humble and poor till they were left with nothing. Suspects abounded and many were glad that he was dead but justice had to be meted out. On the other hand Inspector had his own burdens. Disliked by the powers that were in the New York City Police because of his background, his cleverness, his free of corruption and the inability to be bribed reputation - the Police Force were considered the most corrupt in the country, Lightner had to fight a lone battle along with Law and a few supporters to find out who the killers were. The closer he got to the killer, the worse and more dangerous it became. I found Jasper to be a character to be much admired for his simplicity, his style and elegance. Law was a perfect foil. Liked the setting too of 1856 New York. I could not post this on my blog due to some technical problem and this has hence got delayed. I am grateful to Crooked Lane Books for sending this to me for an unbiased review, courtesy of Netgalley.

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