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Saturday, September 19, 2020

The Girl from Vichy by Andie Newton (1947 era occupied France)

1942 occupied France is not a good place for a patriot. There are the Nazis and then there are Petain supporters even more dangerous than the Germans. They could be anyone and everyone around you. You never knew when someone had turned, for whatever reason. It could even be your sister. Adele is a courageous young woman, trying to live an independent life but finding it hard. Her marriage has been promoted by her father for strategic if no other reason, her mother finds it abhorrent but is helpless, her sister is all for it as it promotes both her and her husband's well being in the current political climate but Adele is looking for a way out. Escaping to a convent, acting as a postulant, getting embroiled in Resistance activities and then finding love and consolation in the arms of another is good. Having to return to her former fiancée and pretend to be in love with him and then go on planning a wedding with him is very hard for anyone and for Adele it is the breaking point in her work for the Resistance and for herself as well. The extent to which people work for the love of their country, never mind their own loves is boundless and inexplicable. To sacrifice all for love of country has happened countless times and will happen again and again and it is a huge sacrifice. This is that story. Part history, with threads of a love story as well and a family striving to survive amidst so many threats. Sent by Aria for an independent review, courtesy of Netgalley.

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