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Tuesday, September 1, 2020

The Fixed Stars by Molly Wizenberg

The saga of Blogger not allowing me to paste the picture of the book continues. Sigh! Unusual memoir. At 36 the author finds herself (presently for descriptive purposes only) married and with a small baby. Happy in her marriage, financially stable, happy with her domesticity as well. Called up for jury duty Molly finds herself hopelessly and irrevocably attracted to Nora a lawyer and she cannot get her out of her mind. It is not a momentary feeling of lust but one that seems to take over Molly's entire thought process. The story proceeds how Molly (and her husband) have to handle this new intrusion in their life, come to terms with it (which they do), and proceed with their separate lives, causing as little disruption to the lives of their child and those around them. It seems all very civilized, a minimal amount of heartbreak over a failure of a marriage but it seems a bit strange all the same. It is a memoir which feels like a bit of therapy is going on with the writing itself, expunging itself as it were and on the other hand gives a clearer perspective of how harsh it is to have a gender identity crisis at the age of 36. Unusual reading, got me thinking. Sent by Netgalley for an unbiased review, courtesy of Abrams Press.


  1. I hope the blogger issues are resolved soon. This memoir sounds interesting but probably not something I’d particularly choose to read.

  2. The new blogger seems to have created more problems than it resolved (if it resolved any...). I am sorry you are having trouble posting photos.

    The Fixed Stars sounds like an interesting memoir. I imagine it must have been hard for Molly and her husband.

  3. I upload via google photos now cos I can't get it to work either

  4. Themes of this sort - unsettled gender identity, bisexuality - seem to be quite popular with writers at the moment. I've read several books recently that touch upon them. So this writer's memoir is probably appearing at a very advantageous time.