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Friday, June 14, 2019

The Secret Child by Caroline Mitchell

An affluent home and a child snatched. Ellen is four years old and has been brought up in an isolated manner for reasons only known to her father the famed Dr. Curtis. She goes with her kidnapper because he said her father said so. She has been taught to follow instructions.

DI Amy Winter is put on the case and investigations reveal a very tangled story which has to be slowly unravelled if the Curtis's want to see their daughter alive. The fact that they are slow to give information, albeit reluctant to talk at all points the finger at them squarely but this is discounted with a second child, this time a disabled one is taken away from school. The links have to be linked and then Amy may find who is responsible.

Many of those close to the children say it is Luka who is the kidnapper but Luka and his mother died in a fire years ago. No autopsy was done, no remains can be found so the suspicion is now rife that Luka is very much alive and he is seeking revenge for the experiments that Dr. Curtis carried out on him and other young children in his care. All for the sake of science and for the benefit of humankind, but at what expense to those who were experimented on..

Uncovering a story of monsterish proportions DI Amy is working against time and against a kidnapper who seems to know her every move, and only wants her involved in the case. A cat and mouse game begins and the end is surprising.

Very good suspense/thriller/mystery holding the audience captive.

Sent to me by Netgalley for an unbiased review, courtesy of Amazon Publishing UK.

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  1. The cover gives me an ominous feeling. The book sounds really good!