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Thursday, September 28, 2017

The Body in the Ice by A.J. Mackenzie

There were many things here to like. There was the historical fiction angle, there was plenty of mystery and murder, it was also very much a family saga coming down the generations and then there was the setting between two countries and the time of 1796.

A remote village in Romney Marsh and a very old manor house is being opened up again for its owners. With the excitement of a new family coming in, there is apprehension when a body is discovered of a young man encased in ice in the horse pond. Subsequent examination shows that this is in fact a young woman and to find a black woman in this part of the world adds further to the mystery.

The history of the family who owns the house is complicated to say the least. There are branches of the family that are not even acknowledged, and the present head of the family would like it to stay that way. They did not count for the magistrate of the area - a vicar and someone who has a keen eye on seeing that justice is done, whatever the rank. Our vicar cum magistrate has to come up against the highest echelons in the land who do not want to upset the political and diplomatic waters in London, irrespective of what their sins may be. Along with his good friend the widow Amelia, Harcastle unravels a plot which will not just endanger their village but also the whole of Britain at a time when it is already in crisis.

The family saga which is historical was very good. Characterization and plot was excellent and the pace of the story was quick and fascinating.

Sent to me by Netgalley for an unbiased review, courtesy of Zaffre. 


  1. I know most people would like that time period but I'm not sure I would.

  2. Wow, discovering a body in a frozen pond on your property would be a shock! I'm very curious about this one. I do love mysteries! Wonderful review, Mystica! :)

  3. This sounds so good, plus an interesting cover.