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Friday, August 25, 2017

The Munich Girl by Phyllis Edgerly Ring

The Munich Girl

Germany at the time of Hitler's ascendancy (and downfall) told from the very personal point of view of a friend of Eva Braun - unacknowledged mistress of Hitler and the ramifications and the story behind Eva and Hitler from a friend's point of view. It also disclosed the life of ordinary Germans who were caught up in the vicious cycle of Hitler's Nazi Germany whether they liked it or not. They were just caught up in it and people like those who inhabit the story just wanted to survive and get out of it alive.

Anna never dreamt that her mother's German beginnings held such secrets. Secrets she managed to keep away from her American husband who hated all things German!  Unraveling secrets after her mother's death pieces are slowly brought forward which disrupts Anna's life and what she believed in upto then. She cannot imagine that her life and that of her mother's was so convoluted, so secretive, so full of hidden things that are now coming to light.

A marriage going bad, an airline accident and a new love interest all add twists to a very engaging story.

I had this on my Kindle for a very long time and am only sorry that I took so long to get to it.


  1. The funny thing is I am reading The Girl from Munich! Similar title eh! A debut novel by an Australian and I am at 75% and really liked it. This one is one I wouldn't mind reading either. I like seeing the point of view other than our own.