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Monday, May 23, 2016

daughters-in-law by Joanna Trollope


Joanna Trollope always always gets it right with the characterization. The family unit in this story is so beautifully portrayed that you can imagine it, right within your own family circle. The gregarious outgoing wife, the quiet, supportive husband giving in to his wife, three boys and now the daughters in law are coming.

So far the first two fitted in. They may not have been happy with lots of things but for the sake of getting along and not upsetting the unit, they just gave in. Enters Charlotte, the spoilt youngest daughter amongst three and who is definitely not going to give in to her mother in law. It is her way and no other way and her husband, poor fellow feels he is being torn apart!

I loved the way the story fell - a favourite daughter in law - though the parents tried to pretend it was not so, the very capable and clever daughter in law and then the spoilt one. The morale was a good one for all parents - we have our children's undivided love only for a very little time!!! then its time to let go and in this case Rachel had a hard time of letting go and allowing herself to think that she was no longer numero uno in her son's lives!!!!

This was a book I picked up in Melbourne library and so glad I did. I haven't read a Joanna Trollope for years and this was one I had not go to. 


  1. I love authors who get families right. Thanks for sharing this book!

  2. I don't think I've ever read this author but this sure does sound like a good family story.

  3. I've always enjoyed this author.

  4. One of my English friends has always recommended Trollope but I haven't tried her yet. Looks like I need to!

  5. You make this sound so good! This sounds like a must read.