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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Three Seasons by Mike Robbins

I do not get many opportunities of reading novellas and they do interest me. They are short, quick to finish and very often the characterization is excellent. Maybe the authors know that they have to get their point across quickly!

Three seasons is three different stories not connected set in the three different seasons. In the first we have a seasoned captain of a fishing boat, trying out an innovative method of increasing his catch. He
seems oblivious to anything that is going around him, including the fact that he is for the first time in his life drunk on duty. The disastrous consequences of his actions or rather his inaction is the story of this novella.

In the second we have a young businessman, determined to reach the top and fast. Climbing over or rather pushing others aside seems to be the norm. Rather descriptive and fair of lots of people today.

In the third a former Professor welcomes his two sons home. One after a gruelling stint in Africa and one a successful lawyer. How it brings back his own memories of times past is an evocative read.

Enjoyed this book very much.

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  1. Sounds like interesting writing. Not sure if it appeals to me. I'm glad that you enjoyed it.