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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Meeting by Chance and 6.41 (Short reviews on chance encounters!)

A short simple story, with a happy ending. Danielle looks after an aged aunt. A discovery of a letter hidden in a book leads to unexpected meetings and eventual happiness for Danielle who did not expect major changes in her life at 59.

This was a recommendation on FB and a free download from Amazon.


A translation from the French, another short story. Described as a psychological thriller.
For me a more matter of fact story of Cecile returning from a visit to her family. Always tired after one of these trips, Cecile is also introspective on the return trip of why, how and what ifs. Meeting up with an old flame in the same compartment, someone whom she had a affair with a humiliating end is not something she wants to even think about.
But there is he, large as life, silent and not even acknowledging her existence right across from her.  The entire journey is a rehash of Cecile's life and not all of it pleasant.

This was a download from Edelweiss.

Both books coincidentally dealt with chance encounters (of different kinds).


  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on these. I'm curious whether u were able to post images from your iPad?

  2. Meeting By Chance sounds intriguing.

  3. Both books sound interesting. Thanks for your short reviews.