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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Letter Perfect Book No. 1 by Cathy Marie Hake

Letter Perfect ( Book #1)

A light romance with a touch of whimsy.

Ruth has never been able to quite get the hang of how a lady should behave. Somehow she ends up dirty with smears on her clothes and face, her hair is awry, and she stumbles, falls and does not seem to be able to avoid the pitfalls of clothes with hoops which make life difficult anyway.

On the death of her mother and at her mother's last wish, Ruth journeys West to the actual tough, ranching world of her relations and where her father lives. Distraught to find her father dead, Ruth has to now live with a family who welcome her with open arms and treat her as a long lost member of their own family.

The twists in the tale come in with Ruth's inheritance and it is a surprising one indeed. How the story is handled from then on is different and refreshing.

A free download from Amazon this was ideal for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

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  1. I remember this being a funny book. Glad it was a freebie.