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Thursday, March 14, 2013


I read in one review that some places are supposed to have special powers and Provence judging not just by this book but others as well seems to have a special place for relaxation and for people to be at peace.

This was a light hearted read of a very heavy topic. Widowed and unable to just "get over it" and "start dating again" as if this is something that can be switched on and off, we find Heidi and her son Abbott travelling to a family owned property in Provence to handle overdue repairs and check the place out. We also have Charlotte a sixteen year old, who is pregnant and no one knows about this very important fact till we arrive in Provence. 

Add to the story a mystery over Heidi's mother's mysterious disappearance one summer from their home in the States and her sudden appearance back, a neighbour who is almost family and the breathtaking accounts of scenery and good food and wine and we have here a very relaxing read. 

The story of love and then loss, overwhelming grief and how one tries to live with it as best as one could is not a relaxing thought but coupled with the Provence background makes for a happy book. One did not feel overwhelmed or saddened at the end of this read and for me this is a plus point!

Short reviews as really busy trying to balance reading alongside chores!!!

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(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

This sounds like one I might like to try at some point. (I like your short concise reviews).