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Tuesday, October 2, 2012


A bit off my usual track of reads but one that was a simple mystery and an easy read as well.

Our detective/inquisitive news reporter is in a bit of a slump. She is not getting the juice news reporting neither is she being allowed to follow her own leads on what she thinks is good news. An advertisement for a bridal dress "never worn" makes her scent out a story. What happened? did the bride die, or did the bridegroom disappear and this is how the story evolves from there.

We have a very rich, socialite family and the bride, a bridegroom from nowhere and an unlikely story of how and why people fall in love!

Our reporter Spartz is good at her job though she does tend to go head first into situations and then think it through afterwards but it all works out in the end!

I am trying to keep up with my reviews - I do keep reading at a good pace but somehow the reviews are getting later and later to put down. I cannot claim too much of work, I just think its too much of this.

We are in the midst of a T20 worldwide cricket tournament right here in Sri Lanka and every day from 3.30 pm till around 10.30 pm it is only cricket that has hypnotized the nation including yours truly, specially when we have a star class bowler like Lasith Malinga playing!!!!


  1. I'd stop reading and watch him too !

  2. It's always nice to try something new :)

  3. I find it hard to write reviews at the moment too, Mystica. I much prefer to read and writing reviews feels like a job. But it's a hobby, so we shouldn't feel stressed about it.

  4. I wish they would show some cricket matches on U.S. television. I hate that there's a sport out there, especially one that's so big, that I do not understand at all. Clearly you love cricket as much as I love U.S. football!

  5. I can understand your need to put aside reading/reviewing in order to watch something. I was so obsessed with the Olympics that I hardly read anything and put up only 3 reviews!

  6. I have read one of the books in this series but wasn't a big fan. I'm glad you enjoyed it though!