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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


This is my second try at this post. The first got swallowed by Blogger.

Lexi is someone who has a lot going against her. For years in foster care abandoned by her mother who is a drug addict Lexi finally seems to find light at the end of a tunnel in the form of a long lost Aunt who gives her a stable home. Fast forward a decade and Lexi has found a niche, a best friend, a boyfriend who is the best friends twin brother and a family who kinds of takes her in and makes her feel at home. Just one slip, one mistake and everything is ruined for Lexi and everyone around her.

Hannah handles sensitive topics in this book - teens, drinking and driving, teen pregnancies and these are well handled. The difficult part to handle was the character of Jude - an overbearing, dominant mother who insidiously gets her entire family to dance to her tune. This becomes worse after the incident and you see the complete disintegration of a family - a lovely, warm family becoming dysfunctional, brittle and withdrawn. How one person can influence so many was horrible.

This was my first read of Kristin Hannah and it was not a comfortable one. On the other hand books are not always there for us to be totally comfortable. It is also there for us to think for ourselves how maybe we would do something different in similar circumstances. I hope I took a lesson from this never to behave the way Jude does!


Beth(bookaholicmom) said...

I love Kristin Hannah books! They can be pretty emotional reads but very good.

Marce said...

This was an emotional one, I can understand not being comfortable at times. It is amazing but so true how family members have that much power over others, sad but true.

I also loved Firefly Lane and look forward to reading more by KristinH.

Blodeuedd said...

Buuuu for blogger being funky, but I am glad you got it posted :)