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Thursday, May 12, 2011

One book, two book, three book, Four and Five!!!!

This meme from Stuck in a Book is a fun one!!!!

1) The book I am currently reading!

Set in 1501 Henry VIII and the turmoil of his reign is just beginning.

2) The last book I finished

This was a long read but a very interesting one. This time frame pre WWI is one I like to

3) The next book I want to read

Miss. Buncle's Book by D E Stevenson. (the end papers are wonderful!)

The book has such fun reviews all over the blogs. This is one I am hoping the Carnegie library will have. Am going to Melbourne on Monday and just waiting to hit the library there.

4) The last book I bought -

for the princely equivalent of just over one dollar!

5) The last book I was given - The Group by Mary McCarthy - this was a win from Rachel who was kind enough to send two books!!!!

Loved doing this meme!


  1. I want to read some of the Miss Buncle books, too. I heard that Persephone is releasing Miss Buncle Married, or something like that? Also, I've been enjoying South Riding on our local PBS station every Sunday night.

  2. A nice collection! I loved The Group and I too really want to get on to the Miss Buncle books.

  3. South Riding sounds fantastic and I'm also a recent convert to Kate Atkinson after devouring Case Histories. I hope you'll like Miss Buncle. It was such a charming read.