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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Review - Hardly Knew Her - Laura Lippman

I had read several reveiws of her books and picked this one up not realizing its a collection of short stories. I wanted a meatier book but this was fine - it dealt with different kinds of stories all with a very human touch and showing the vagaries of human nature and how what is apparent on the surface from the smooth talking soccer mom, to the shy wife may not be all what is actually there!

Here we are dealing with mystery and murder and how mainly women get away with it,
with cunning and being helpless and clever. A collection of short stories which are varied and interesting.

17 stories 292 pages a quick read. 3 out of 5 for me.


  1. I didn't realize Lippman wrote any short stories. I'm going to have to investigate that book.

  2. This past year I "discovered" short stories and also discovered that I like them. I know lots of people don't. To me they are a challenge to see if the writer can convey a complete story in very few pages.

    I haven't read anything by Laura Lippman but I believe I'll try this one. You've made me curious.

  3. Sounds compelling! I like short stories especially when I'm on vacation and just have short bits of time here and there. This sounds like a good one to take with me on Thanksgiving!


  4. Will have to give this a go! Have a sweet day!

  5. Short stories have to be pretty stellar for me to be drawn to them, so I probably would pass on this one.

  6. A very good short story collection is like a delicious piece of chocolates --something to be savored.
    This one sounds promising!