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Friday, October 1, 2010

Four mini mini reviews and quilting news!

Solo by Jill Mansell is not one of her better books. A one night stand which turns the life of Tessa upside down - the straightforward, careful Tess gets pregnant and you have the playboy Ross who normally couldn't care less about his conquests - here in a tizz over why Tessa is not accepting his offer of marriage, refuses his money of which there is plenty and generally does not want to have anything to do with him.

The book was a bit silly at times, winding off track but after an Atwood it was a light read! I needed something light.

I also finished Wild Designs by Katie Fforde. I actually chose it on the cover alone which I know is a rather cheesy decision. Can't be helped. I love nice covers. I liked Althea mother of three muddling through life but somehow achieving what she wants to do despite a bossy sister and an interfering ex-husband! The book also a light read was a fun read and was ideal for the gloomy weather we are experiencing right now in Colombo.

Two Erica James's books. One was Time for a change - a perennial question of what does one do when one's very very comfortable life is turned upside down. Turn a blind eye and continue regardless or take a stance. A choice which always throws one into a quandary. It also threw Hilary our heroine of this book.

The last one was Love and Devotion - quite a chunky book of 536 pages. Harriet's life is turned upside down, and inside out with the sudden death of her sister and her husband. This leaves Harriet a single, career conscious woman in her 30's with the sole responsibility of two little kids who do not know what has hit them. Add to this a grandmother who suffers from ME and a grandfather who cannot come to terms with the loss of his eldest daughter and also his retirement and we have an interesting family story which is different.

I wanted to read "light" reads for a while as it is sometime since I read anything like this.

I have also got back to my quilting and am in the middle of doing a quilt for my youngest nephew. Its a disappearing nine patch quilt (one of the simpler designs) in bright colors suitable for a six year old. I hope he likes it.


  1. You've been very busy it appears. Good luck with your quilting project as well.

  2. Hi Mystica,

    The Erica James, was a great book wasn't it?

    I have read quite a few of her other stories, over the years and one of my other favourites is called 'Airs and Graces',

    There are quite a lot of quilters out there on the blogs, by the sound of it. Sewing is definitely not my forte, I must admit, although I have a go at some basic embroidery from time to time. I also enjoy knitting and crochet, although again, only the basic stitches.

    Mostly, any garments I make, are donated to charity to sell.