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Monday, September 20, 2010

Review - The girl with the dragon tattoo - Stieg Larsson

For the life of me I cannot imagine why I delayed to read this book. I did not even read reviews of the book so I had a hazy idea that yes the author was Swedish and for some strange reason I thought next of paranormal/fantasy etc genres which are really not my cup of tea. So I never got around to even trying to get the book.

I picked it up last week and thought I'd rather not be the last person on the planet who hasn't read it and was I hooked. I loved the book.

Set in modern Sweden a journalist is sued for libel. Simultaneously and for me right at the beginning suspiciously he is offered a fabulous offer - a job offer actually - involving a period of one year to solve a murder mystery which is now 30 years old and unsolved.

Add to the murder mystery (which is eventually solved/uncovered) a twisted, macabre family with intrigues, jealousies both petty and enormous, envy and hatred and you have a book you can't put down.

I will not be going into the explanation of why this book is a hit. The details of writing a novel is way beyond me - but this book draws you in. You are literally on the edge of your seat as you are willing Blomkvist (our journalist) to be discovered in the nick of time/to be saved/to fall in love and for everything to end happily.
It does but it is not soppy, it is not syrupily sentimental!!! The book is good.

A must read and for the princely sum of Rs 50 (half a dollar) a huge bargain.


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  2. Yep! Read us it last week and just wrote my comments, as you did, this morning! We were on the same page! Am into the second novel in the trilogy and enjoying that too! My review

  3. That is definitely a bargain! I've got the 3rd book sitting next to my bed so I should really start it soon before the final film comes out in November in London. If you have the chance, do watch the films as they were pretty good too. I forgot I was watching a subtitled film!

  4. You did find quite the bargain. I got this for Christmas 2008 and haven't read it yet and now I'm wondering what I'm waiting for.

  5. I liked your review! I have this book on my shelf and have yet to read it, so you aren't the last one!

  6. I'm so glad you liked this book! Sometimes a book can be disappointing when your expectations are too high, but I'm glad that didn't happen here.