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Monday, September 20, 2010

I'd like an answer please!

All of us have blogs that we follow. We do this because we like this blog. Either for the style of writing, the subjects they cover, for whatever reason. What does one do when the writer does not blog for months on end? Do we remove the blog from the blog roll?

The reason why I am asking is this. Sometimes on a blog roll, there is an indication of when the last post went up, so at a glance you could go into or not into the blog as you wish. But, and this is very often, there is no indication of when the last post went up and after all the effort of going into this blog you find that the last post was written weeks ago and one you have gone into and commented maybe.

Is this happening to other people as well as myself. I go into lots of blogs (where I am not a follower) its the link from a link sort of thing that I like to ramble on with and I feel its such a waste of time when this happens.

Would like to have the opinion of others please.


  1. I they have not blogged in over a year...I take myself off as a follower...other than that, I hang in there with them.

  2. If it's a blog I like, then I'll keep them on my blogroll just in case they post something. I only take them off if they've stopped blogging completely or my tastes change. It's a tough decision if you follow a lot of blogs as there's never enough time...

  3. I try to clean up my reader and follows every 3 months. I do remove if someone has not posted in 3 months.

  4. Well, I follow all my blogs in Google Reader and it let's me know when there are updates so I never have to check for them.

    If there hasn't been a post in a year then it never shows up in my reader and I basically forget it exists! I guess I should clean it out sometime.

    If I leave a comment then I sign up for comments to be emailed to me. Then I know when the person has responded to me and I unsubscribe to the emails. If I get a ton!! of email from other commenters to the post and no response from the blogger within a day I unsubscribe. Otherwise it doesn't matter if the blog owner doesn't get back to me for 2 weeks. I'll just the email.

  5. I said I wouldn;t do this but it drives me nutsy!
    Mystica, if you leave a comment on another blog, your address comes with your comment as a "NO REPLY" address, you need to change it in your profile or leave an email address in your message if you expect to have a chance to win anything. I suspect you are not aware of this so I thought I'd let you know why you never get answers to your comments on other blogs. You were at mine this morning and I found you because you have a blog. So before you go hopping around to other giveaways hoping to win something you may want to be aware of that fact! If you want to have a chance at mine come back and leave another message after change your profile(there's a little box to check that says "show email" or send me your email........mine is buzzcyndi (at) yahoo (dot) com leave your address like I did in your message if you don't want to change profile then most spammers won't be able to click and send you crap. I guess it takes too long for spammers to remove the words and put in the symbols I guess( I was told that by someone else).
    Anyway, come back so you have a chance to win!! and go back to the other places you were this morning!