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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Georgette Heyer reviews

This again will be a sort of a mini reviews on the next lot of GH books I magically found in my second hand bookshop.

Cousin Kate - an orphan who was befriended out of the blue by an Aunt who welcomes her to the family pile amidst grandeur and riches unimaginable hoping that Kate will be overwhelmed by it all and finally marry her mentally unstable son whom she has been controlling and manipulating for his entire life. The Aunt realizes that as the boy grows up he is beyond her control and hopes that a vivacious, pretty girl would be the making of him and with this in mind involves Kate in her machinations. However to throw a spanner in the works, Kate is not dazzled by the riches offered to her and prefers the plain and simple Phillip over the glamorous and handsome Torquil. What follows is a sad story of murder, suicide and finally a happily ever after for Kate and Philip. A bit of an unusual story for Georgette Heyer in the sense there was a twist in the usual tale which added to the mystery of this read.

False Colors - a story involving identical twin brothers who have throughout their life used their identical looks to hoodwink many people. Now it becomes a very serious matter where it involves hoodwinking a fiancee.Needless to say it leads to very awkward situations with the "false" twin falling in love with the intended bride and vice versa and how it has to be unravelled forms the story of this plot.
Throw into this a mother who is heavily in debt and hasnt a clue how to redeem herself. This was a nice addition. Normally in Regency novels it is always the men in the family who have put their family into great trouble because of their heedless gambling. This is a different accent! Needless to say it leads to very awkward situations with the "false" twin falling in love with the intended bride and vice versa and how it has to be unravelled forms the story of this plot.
A very pleasant story to read and unravel.

Powder and Patch - a tale in reverse. We find a plain, straight talking, simple country boy being rejected on those grounds by Miss. Cleone. Philip takes it on himself spurred on by the rejection to go to Paris and become a man about town acquiring polish and savoir faire and the admiration of not just the women folk but a following of men as well. His intention is to show Cleone just what she is missing. Just to be contrary Cleone now wishes the old Philip back but that at least on the surface seems to be a thing of the past. Philip however has not fallen out of love with Cleone but just wants to show her that he is still the same faithful Philip despite what he seems to show to the world. A story with a bi line which we should always follow. Be careful what one wishes for!!!

Beauvallet - This was the book more or less in the GH genre I felt. A handsome debonair Englishman falls in love with a Spanish lady who is taken aboard his ship by force in a fight on the high seas but is treated chivalrously and oh so carefully by him. He vows to come to Spain (in disguise) during the height of the war and carry her away to his country. This seems highly improbably - but as usual chivalry and drama wins the day. Beauvallent does succeed in disguise to come to Spain, come to the Spanish court, hoodwink all the courtiers and claim his prize in a thrilling chase. All ends well. Romance and love win the day!!! A lovely GH read.

The Talisman Ring - A love story with a dash of mystery thrown in for good measure. A murder unsolved, a banishment to the Continent as a result of a duel, and the loss of a talisman ring ancient and valuable. Add to this a bold, dashing young woman, a straight talking young man who is insistent on clearing the family name of his cousin, an impetuous excitable young woman and the story goes on. A different kind of read but extremely enjoyable.

I have two more of Georgette Heyer to read and review as well as one of the mystery series Penhallow to review. I love the lightheartedness of the books, the descriptions of not just the costumes, the food and jewellery but also the countryside. Coming myself from a tropical country, it is very soothing to read descriptions of quiet countryside, snow bound villages and old fashioned balls and receptions - the likes of which are never going to happen in my part of the world!!!


  1. I love magically finding books in secondhan bookshops! It's like bureid treasure.

    I don't believe I've ever read Georgette Heyer although many bloggers I know love her work. I will have to try her sometime.

  2. Sorry it took me so long to get here to read your reviews! They are great! Glad you enjoy Georgette Heyer.

    PS I'm now a follower so that will make it easier.

  3. Stephanie - read one and see whether the magic will entice you to read more!

    Alaine - so glad that you read this. Thanks for following