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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Books, quilting and children!

The title is very apt for this week as it sums up since my last post exactly what I have been upto.

On the book front I have been extremely lucky. I have got fabulous books through my second hand finds and these include Cover her Face by P D James. I try to pick up her books wherever and whenever I see them. Gallows Thief by Bernard Cromwell, The Memory Keepers Daughter, a totally new author for me Christopher Buckley Boomsday (I liked the cheery cover). I know that sounds awfully cheesy but its true. The Amber Room and I only read a review of it yesterday, an ancient Agatha Christie - They came to Baghdad, A light in the window by Jan Karon (another new one for me), Jeremy Paxman - The English (dry, dry English humor), Arranged Marriage by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni and the absolute icing on the cake J.M. Coetzee's Disgrace. This was a wonderful haul and I dont think I am going anywhere near the book shops again till I finish this lot. I am so happy because I have lots to read. I am one of those readers that get a little antsy unless I have at least two books which I havent read around. So having something like this is wonderful.

On the quilting side, my daughters quilt is now nearly finished. Just a bit more hand quilting to be done which gets done every evening religiously for an hour. I also hope to cut out blocks for a six year old little girl and hope to do one in shades of pink (what else). My eldest daughter also wants a quilt done so there is lots to do in that line. I was not happy with the selection of fabrics available when I went to the shops because though one fabric may have suited, I just couldnt match up others and ended up not buying anything new.

On the last subject of children, I struck lucky once again. Over this one week I was able to find 28 sponsors for the children of Pooneryn. I never expected it to get going so well because there are several hot spots in the world right now needing attention and funds, and I didnt think I would be able to attract anyone willing to sponsor these children. I am delighted with this beginning and hope that like my work with children affected by the tsunami, this too will start with small beginnings and end up as a really effective project.

Thank you everyone who visits my blog and specially to those who comment. Its really appreciated.

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