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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Post elections and hopefully normalcy

Elections have finished and with it all the excitement that follows an election in Sri Lanka. I think this is quite commonplace in Asia though it may be a bit more subdued in other parts of the world. We have elected our President who is the same one we had before and lets hope that things can get back to being normal fast.

I know that I am not very political, not very interested in who is saying what and promising what but I do wish our enormous cabinet would be reduced, the development work that has been started will just continue and that peace could come to our country particularly in the North and East which has been so troubled. I also wish that the children in those areas can get back to their schooling fast because education has been a very highly valued commodity in that part of our country and the sooner they can get back to it the better.

With that in mind I have started a new project solely aimed at helping children in a little known area of Pooneryn. This area was very badly affected by the war and children there need help. My aim is to find sponsors for individual children who are needy and put them in touch with someone who cares for them. This is of course easier said than done. My communication with the children is by snail mail, not always reaching them because things are not still in place but we are always hopeful that it will improve. My project has got off to a good start with over eleven people whom I have written to saying they are interested in getting involved in some way. This is a good start. I dont hope for huge sponsorships but if I could help 50 children this year I will consider it more than adequate.

We have had a spate of holidays as well and even tomorrow is Poya day (a full moon day) which is sacred to Buddhists and is a monthly holiday. Yesterday was also a holiday and on the 26th hardly anyone turned up for work as it was election day. This is another thing which should be reduced (the holidays I mean) if we are to get productive at all. Even today things in most establishments are very slow as lots of people have taken a day off to avail themselves of almost a weeks holidays.

On the book side I have finished three Georgette Heyer books which I found to be very good and am in the middle of a Jean Plaidy. I hope I will be able to do a mini review of the Georgette Heyer books I have read upto now. I have not done a review at all on this blog so this will be a first for me.

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