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Friday, January 22, 2010

Back to quilting and struck gold with books!

We are thankfully at the very end of the electioneering campaign and on the 26th with elections done, I do hope we can get back to normal life. Going on past history our elections are far from peaceful, dignified and quiet but we can always hope for a change for the better!

On a bookish note the Galle Literary Festival for 2010 starts on the 28th of January. I was so disappointed that this period was chosen because going on our past records I did not dare to buy tickets for any of the events which were planned and all of which sound very intersting. Guest writers (both expatriate Sri Lankan and others) address the various workshops which are organized so well but it was too risky for me as the event is being held about 3 hours away from where I live. If a curfew is declared it will not affect foreigners who are gathered for the event for locals will definitely have to be cautious.

On the book side again I struck gold. Last night on a whim I accompanied my husband to Wellawatte - he went to pick up some dinner and I hopped across to my favourite haunt - the second hand book store - Senanayake Book Depot. The owner took one look at me and disappeared and came back with eleven, yes eleven Georgette Heyer books. Most of them old, really old but I was delighted and all for the sum of Rs. 1100 equivalent to approximately 11 US $. By any standards an absolute bargain. This will see me fully occupied for the next two weeks. The owner of the shop says he doesnt know my name but when he sees me he knows what I want!!!! This particular shop will not put aside books for you or call you if anything comes in but frequent visits will do the trick and get you what you want.

On the quilting side, I have almost finished the hand quilting (the first round that is) of the log cabin blocks. Being this design I want to repeat the quilting around the blocks as well. At least now that I am doing it, I will finish it as soon as possible and find a way to send it to her for her birthday in April. Over the next week I also hope to start on a quilt for my son who is wondering when his quilt is going to get to him.

Cheers till I come back post elections!


  1. Thanks so much for the lovely comment you left on my blog. Couldn't reply privately as your email is set at no reply.

  2. That is very neat about your local book shop! Small shops can be so lovely that way - to know your tastes even if they don't know your name! LOL
    I guess I was not aware how troubled Sri Lanka is. I always like the country ever since I learned a little about it while playing Where in the World is Carmen Santiago!!
    You won the Friday Pick at my blog but I don't have your e-mail so get in touch!!
    Hope you get home safe and sound!

  3. How lucky you were with the book purchases. I am sure that you will love reading them!

  4. That is so great about your Heyer acquisitions; enjoy!

  5. Martha - I am trying to get thru via email to you or through your site but for some strange reason its not going thru. Thank you for emailing me re the win. I would like the voucher through Borders if its possible. I will still try to get thru to you on your own web site. Sorry for this complicated way of getting thru to you and thank you for your patience.

  6. Congrats on finding all those books! Thanks for reading the interview. Maria is so great!!