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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

From Melbourne

I have been in Melbourne just a couple of days and have found my way to my local library which is a dream. I do wish Australians (and others) would not take for granted so much of what is available to them and not grumble when something even small goes wrong. Coming from Sri Lanka I do so appreciate the facilities available at the library, the local council who has made such a good effort to keep the area where we live so clean, and so green with the planting of so many trees on the verges so that even though this time of the year is hot and sunny, you do get patches of shawdow whilst you walk and at the same time it adds so much greenery which is sop pleasing to the eyes.

My quilting is put on hold though I do love to read the blogs but of course my reading goes on at quite a pace. I try to squeeze in as many books as possible when I am here and right now am on the second book. The first was The Way we Were which was light reading but extremely enjoyable. The one I am now on is historical - and I cant for the life of me remember the name of the book. Its about Catherine de Medici and I know the title has something of the queen in it but I cant get it right now. A fascinating book of a very strong woman who is so very protective of both her husband and children and will do anything and everything to protect them.

Thats it for now.


  1. I just might like that book about strong women. I am one!!

  2. I remembered finally. Its The Devil's Queen and its by Jeanne Kalogridis.

  3. lol Mystica, when I saw that post I was trying to think of the book and The Devil's Queen was the one I was thinking. Anyway I am responding to your comment on my contest, I am sorry I didn't stipulate on my blog but it is only open to US.. thanks for stopping by though!!

  4. Tks for coming back and telling me. Lots of the giveaways are with restrictions but seeing the cost of postage from the US to our part of the world I can understand. Pity nevertheless!!!!