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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Books and more books

I am buried under with books from the local library and am hoping that I
can get through my list fast in order to accommodate the balance books in
my list. I am in the middle of The Heretic Queen by Michelle Moran - this was a lucky find as it had just been returned and with only a single copy - really good luck. I also have Elizabeth Chadwick to read and have also thought of trying to get some Jane Austen fan fiction to sort of lighten things up a bit!

The weather has been very hot for the last two days but a completely different kind of heat from Sri Lanka. Over there its humid and everyone sweats it out. Here its a kind of very dry heat which saps all your energy and
makes you feel as if you are something akin to dessicated coconut!

Other than the library havent gone out anywhere as just enjoying being around my three children and being absolutely domestic (which I enjoy in small doses).

Hope the heatwave breaks soon. I heard someone muttering about scattered showers but whether its wishful thinking or actually going to happen I dont know.


  1. How lovely to have a day at home with the children. Those are the best kind of days!

  2. It sounds like a lovely day! My favorite is when it is raining outside and I am comfy in my chair reading a good book.