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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekend over

The week and weekend went by so fast - but at last I got the photographs of the quilt
and table runner sets that I had done posted. I still have not learnt how to do it and
totally depend on my son doing this for me!

The week in the book blogging world has been very good. I have won two books this
week and am delighted. One is in a CD format and for me this is a first. The other one
is a book that is just published and has been in heaps of competitions and I never thought
I'd win that one as there are many people entering these contests. The book is Beat the
Reaper and the one on CD is a very intriguing sounding account from Kabul, Afghanistan.
The book I am really eyeing is Cleo's Daughter by Michelle Moran and despite entering
over 20 contests for this book no luck as yet but I have not given up hope as there are
still several contests going on for this book.

As I mentioned before books are prohibitively expensive in this part of the world but this
last week I was in luck. The shop which sells used books had a very good selection and for
roughly 20 US dollars I got almost nine books and practically all of them have been best
sellers/reviewed amongst book bloggers and maybe just one of them is something I just
liked the look of and picked up. I finished one by Rosie Thomas - light reading, the sort of
book you can read and pick up later but am now starting the rest. I was also able to pick up
from another book shop again second hand, a whole lot of books including a couple of Shakespeare. I have been wanting to read some classics for sometime and here they were
just waiting to be picked up.

On the quilting side, am in the middle of a simple Sunshine and Shadows design of blocks,
very easy to put together for a little girl for Christmas. Pictures will be posted. I have also cut
out and am in the process of putting together a quilt for my very fussy brother who I hope
will like the final product! I generally like to have two or three projects on the go at the same
time and do bits and pieces from each one as and when I find the time.

Sadly my son is not coming down to Sri Lanka this month but both girls will be here fairly soon.
Cant be helped though it was a real disappointment for me. Trying to cope as best we can.

Hindus all over the world celebrated Deepavali as we call it the Festival of Lights. We also celebrate this festival in our island country. To everyone out there Happy Deepavali. Let light
and joy enter your hearts and minds. Till my next posting!



  1. Congrats on your win and I also would love to see the pics!

  2. I loved your story about the books. I am not understanding though. Where do you live now?? Now please do sign up to be in my drawing. Go back into my blog and read how to do it first Ok?? Your story is very interesting.