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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Christmas and children coming home

I know its a long way off for Christmas but its something great to look forward to specially when all three children are hopefully going to be home for Christmas. My son is coming home on vacation this month and will be staying with us for a looonng time which is wonderful and the two girls returning very early in December for a shorter stay!

We have had very unusual weather in this part of the world with heavy rains and gale force winds in some parts of the country. In the southern area in a district called Galle a tree had fallen on a house killing five inmates and in a very sad incident in Kurunegala a bomb went off in a van killing a 12 year old school girl. This was really very tragic. The bomb had apparently been intended for the van driver and had been allegedly done by someone who wanted him out of the way on a personal vendetta. The bomb had been fixed to go off when he started the ignition. This man was a van driver who picked up school children and dropped them off at school - something like a school run. In Sri Lanka private vehicles do this as a business as everyone does not have cars and upto 20 children at a time travel in these vans to and from school. This particular day had been a very rainy day and instead of the van driver going to each house as was the norm, some children had been brought by parents to the van drivers house and had got into the van from his house. The little girl who died was one of those who was sitting beside the van driver. Eleven people injured totally and for what.... At the time it happened we really thought it was a terrorist attack once again and we were surprised as this area is not one where such attacks take place normally. What sadness for all the families involved.

On a brighter note my sewing is coming along very well. I have done table runner sets (sets as with matching coasters) for Christmas. I am now on my third set (I have to do about six in all) so still some way to go but its coming along nicely.

On the book reading side, I have come across a blog today which I find very good. Please go across to it and have a look. Its - its a bit different to other book blogs but you need to go and have a look yourself. I have not been buying books new recently as prices are prohibitive but I picked up a Joanna Trollope from the book stall near Commercial Bank, Fort from the man who has a rather ecletic selection of books! Paul Coelho was at Rs 600 I felt a good buy and reasonable at that. I have found another second hand bookshop in Wellawatte and will post on that once I go and have a look. If any Sri Lankan readers find other good sources of books please post details here so that we can share the good fortune. On a nice note, I won a book known as The White Queen on a blog Planet Books and am anxiously awaiting its arrival. Michelle Moran also very kindly sent me bookmarks as well as a personally autographed bookplate which was very nice to receive!

Till the next time! Cheers!


  1. Am so sorry about the van bombing...tragic. Sounds wonderful about your kids coming for a nice long visit.

    Your table runner sets sound wonderful. Any pictures you can share??

  2. The posting of photos is my really weak point! give me a day or two will try my best to do this. I have done three sets now and they have come out rather nicely though I say so myself!!!

  3. How horrible about the van incident! That kind of violence is impossible to understand!

  4. such a horrible thing to happen with the van - why do people do things like that? thank you for stopping by my blog and entering in my give away.