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Friday, July 31, 2009

Quilting Fabric in Sri Lanka! Hurray

31st July 2009

I was looking for fabric for a quilt today and for the first time ever came across fabric that was made specifically for quilting. This is something completely new to me as generally fabrics which are available here are not those which our other quilting blogs speak about. There are no Amy Butler and other speciality fabrics for quilting here. So this came as a very pleasant surprise because it means that there should be more out there lurking somewhere in some shop.

This fabric was part of a bolt of fabric being sold by the metre and sold what we call "pavement shopping". It means it is sold by vendors on the street of one of our towns close to where I live.

I am fascinated by the fabric shops available to quilters and crafts people alike abroad, the range and variety of fabrics, the tools, the rotary cutters, the boards, the quilting machines etc all available which must make quilting itself so much easier.

I have seen fabric shops and quilting fabrics available in Melbourne where my three children reside and so can see the best of both worlds as such! I also see the range of very good craftwork and the interest being revived amongst younger people in Australia with work such as quilting, embroidery and all kinds of art and design. Another thing which fascinated me in Australia was the op shops - which now I think has developed a culture of its own! The op shop experience is somewhat similar to a yard sale in America and something that is wonderful. You never could say what would turn up and of course the prices are still very good. I dont think this is going to last long (the prices being low I mean) as the charities who run the shops do realize they are on to a very good thing.

I am still very new to blogging and as a result no photographs are available which makes for rather a dull and unattractive blog. I am only hoping that those who are interested in craft in particular and Sri Lanka in general will tune into my blog and comment when they feel they have something to say. Would really like to have a few comments from expatriate Sri Lankans!


  1. good morning. pleased to meet you and thanks for entering my give away, good luck.

  2. I'm just wondering if you are the Mystica who posted a comment on the Sew Mama Sew blog (about winning a free quilt book or fabric). You said you would love to be able to read one of the quilting books everyone is talking about. I have LOTS of books and I could send something to you if you wish. I do not sew garnments or anything like that. I'm just into quilting. But I do like making purses and aprons too. Write to me at if this is the person I'm hoping it is (I just did a google search for Mystica in Sri Lanka. The way you signed your name on the Sew Mama Sew blog).

  3. It sounds like you ahve wonderful shops there Mystica!

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