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Saturday, July 18, 2009

19th July 2009

Justify FullSri Lanka has more or less been in the focus of most people's vision as an island of war, of
terrorism and a place to be avoidJustify Fulled at all costs. Now with the hostilities at an end, and hopefully
the long period of reconciliation and healing beginning maybe its time for the outside world to
also know what this country is like. Justify Full

Not wanting to sound like a tourist blurb I still would like to welcome those of you who would
like to visit this country despite any adverse publicity there may be. On the other hand I would love to hear from fellow quilters both here and abroad your views and photographs of your work and ideas on how we could improve. Comments of any kind would be most welcome and queries would also be replied.


  1. Hi Mystica,
    My name is SY and I too am a mother of three, all boys/men now. I am a beginner tatter, I like to crochet, and I love to read. I have wanted to make quilts for a long time now but my sewing machine gave out on me so I look forward to someday having one that works again! I would love to know more about the Sri Lanka that the news doesn't show us. It's a pleasure to meet you. sy

  2. "Rio analyzes Sancho, not Man U's answer.>> They need center-back."