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Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Priorsford Scottish Historical Novel by O Douglas

I read a lot of mystery murder stories so it is important to balance stuff a bit and this was an ideal read. A domestic novel set in the hometown of Jean's childhood to which she has returned as a Lady, with three children and an entourage for a long vacation whilst her husband travels overseas. For Jean herself the stay is bittersweet - separated from the husband she adores she has to take on responsibilities previously shared and it is onerous. There is the shadow of end of the Great War and all the economic hardships it has brought on the populace apart from the loss of life and structure in Britain. The true British grit, the want to survive and overcome is very much part of the character of the story itself and this was the tone throughout. I am very appreciative that I first heard of this author through Cornflower Books. It was such a good and gentle introduction to Scottish life. Bought through Amazon Kindle.

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