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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Malice at the Palace by Rhys Bowen (Her Royal Spyness No. 9)

Lady Georgina may be only 35th in line to the throne but she has never forgotton the importance of royal duties. Her loyalty is absolute and her personal opinions of royalty is kept quite separate from what she is expected to do. When called upon to guide the young Princess Marina before her marriage to Prince George, Georgiana undertakes the job with a feeling of relief that she at least for a month has a place to stay in. Her brother under the influence of his wife, does not welcome Georgiana home and she is presently without a residence in London. Kensington Palace is good enough for the time being. The history in the story is spot on because these were all events which actually took place, but in this story the murder of a former mistress of Prince George and the need to sweep it under the carpet may be an added story. Fortunately for all Bobo the girl who was murdered had no family to look out for her and the murder was very cleverly hidden by the man who was in charge of the Palace along with the Intelligence branch who needed the marriage to go ahead as they felt that the Princess may cancel the marriage if she really knew what her fiancee was upto. The story will have its critics because of its attitude towards gay men but then it could be that this was the feelings of the general public at the time and the story just reflects that. Unmarried mothers would have got the same rap and in this story there were two of them. It was just the way people looked at life. Not very nice but that is part of the story. Georgiana is someone who wants to do what is right, but she is not willing to step too much out of line - her loyalty is first to the royal family and she will protect it all costs. A good read descriptive of the times and the people who populated the story. A book I picked up from Glen Waverley library.


  1. I love the catchy title and from what you had to say about this one, it seems like a book I would enjoy as well.

  2. I read about the ban on petrol sales in Sri Lanka and just wondered how you are doing? I hope you're surviving!