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Saturday, October 2, 2021

Mrs. Lorimer's Quiet Summer by Molly Clavering

Mrs Lorimer and Miss Douglas were quiet friends. One a mother of a large family and a husband who was just stubborn, wanting his own way and Miss Douglas living a very fulfilled life on her own, doing exactly what she wanted and being a good friend to all. When the entire family descended on the Lorimer's Gray Douglas knew that her friend will need encouragement to deal with the myriad tensions and problems brought about by the young people and the irritation faced by Mr Lorimer when his routines and house were upset. One daughter having differences of opinion in a very silly manner with her husband was one and the youngest son facing issues after he was dumped by a long standing girl friend. How was Mrs Lorimer to give the support to her son, admonish her daughter, keep the peace in the household without being too interfering! An exemplary story for non interfering mothers and mothers in law, a solid book regarding enduring friendships this was a wonderful read recommended by one of the blogs I follow. Purchased from Amazon this was such a calm, energising book.