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Monday, August 30, 2021

A Lyon's Pride by Emily Royal

It seemed like a good arrangement. He wanted a rich wife, she wanted respectability and a father to her two girls. She knew England was not a country that was going to let her girls stand a chance without the legitimacy of two parents. She was willing to sacrifice anything for the twins. What she did not take into account that the partner that was set up for her, was the love of her life who deserted her for an aristocratic wife so many years ago. It was a light hearted romance. Just nice for a Sunday afternoon reading. The setting was descriptive and romantic and I like the way the town and countryside were both described. Everything worked out nicely after a few initial hitches, like all good romances do. Sent by DragonBlade Publishing for an unbiased review, courtesy of Netgalley.


  1. Will keep it in mind for when I want to escape with a historical. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This sounds like a good historical romance!