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Friday, April 2, 2021

Nocturne for a Widow and The Poisoned Chocolates Case (Amazon downloads)

Nocturne for a Widow Sybil is an actress on the London stage but she does know that her allure is now on the decline. Accepting a proposal from a wealthy American she decides is a good option and she goes ahead with her journey to America. Arriving there, she finds her bridegroom a travesty of what he was, and although the marriage takes place, he dies on their wedding night. She also realises he is bankrupt and a house left to his widow in the far countryside is her only option as a residence. Taking up residence in an isolated place is not Sybil's idea of living but with no choice, she does so. What she did not plan for was the emergence of an antagonistic step son, nor the dislike of neighbours to "foreigners" and "actresses" who in their opinion were more or less common prostitutes. The story involving hidden fortunes, a fountain of youth, avaricious lawyers, neighbours and romance is a lighthearted read. A free download from Amazon. The Poisoned Chocolates Case by Anthony Berkeley Another free download from Amazon. Five "people interested in crime" a sort of a book club but whose main interest is crime. Amongst them leading lawyers, detective story writers and others. Handling a recent crime of murder by poisoned chocolates where it seems that the victim was not the one supposed to eat these chocolates is puzzling. The story builds up with basic facts and each member is given a day and time when he builds his case. Surprisingly all five of them come up with different scenarios, they do take snippets from each others accounts but the suspects, the methods, the scenarios are widely different. However what does come up is that there are common strands between all the suspects and the victims and supposed victim as well and that is how the story ends. An unusual take on crime detection.


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  2. I got a used copy of The Poisoned Chocolates Case a few years from my library and I thought it was a fun mystery. I like how you get to see so many different possible scenarios.

  3. I'm intrigued! What an interesting way to tell a story. I am adding this to my wish list.