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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

In the Midst of Winter by Isabel Allende

A very minor traffic accident set into motion a train of events unsought by three very different
people. Richard a human rights scholar, Evelyn an undocumented immigrant and Lucia  who is Richard's tenant and a visiting lecturer from Chile.

Moving from events totally disconnected initially with the discovery of a murdered woman in the boot of the car Evelyn is driving, the story moves from Brooklyn to Guatemala to Brazil to Chile.
To human trafficking, the reasons behind why people like Evelyn move to a country which is so alien to her that it is doubtful that she will ever adapt to being in America. The stories thrown up by the past are very vivid, very emotional and traumatic but they are the reasons why people will always try to escape regimens of violence, forsaking their own country for the wide unknown.

Handled well and fairly forthrightly all the topics in the story were not for the faint hearted but it goes to the heart of the story.

Sent to me by Netgalley for an unbiased review, courtesy of Simon and Schuster UK.


  1. I've listened to several interviews of this author but, unbelievably, I've never read her work. I need to correct that some day.

  2. I have noticed this author but never read her. I might be a bit faint hearted for this but I can see it is exploring important issues.

  3. I've recently been reading about this author - a very interesting woman - as I was heading to Chile! I've not read her books but am planning to do so, starting with The House of Spirits and then perhaps this one as you make it sound very interesting.
    Hope you are well and settled back at home now.

  4. I love Allende and this looks like an important read.

  5. I enjoyed this book - very unique story!

  6. I used to read Allende voraciously but haven'r read anything by her in a long time. This does sound like just the one to bring me back to her.