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Friday, July 22, 2011

Review - Paulo Coelho THE ALCHEMIST

Santiago is a 17year old shepherd boy who has a dream and a vision and with will power to follow it. A simple boy endowed with very strong spiritual powers to do what he feels he has been "set out to do". Full of visions, symbols, (some incomprehensible to me) the story is told in simple language how he leaves his home in Spain, goes across the desert, encounters tribal warfare and almost death and finally reaches the Pyramids which was all he desired to do.

Looking for the treasure which he has had visions about, Santiago realizes that the treasures are in the journey itself, the discoveries of the world and the people about him. The story deals with the idea that all of us have a dream for our life - either in a career or to see the world or even to visit Mecca, but everyone does not know/or does not want to know the way to achieve this goal. When we do not achieve our destiny or our dream our lives are empty and without satisfaction.

For me again not an easy read - a very small book though which I finished fast - but with a lot of things to ponder over. Good book to reflect over.

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Blodeuedd said...

I still have not read a book by him. it is one of those one day books