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Friday, August 20, 2010

This and that!

I have been sick as a dog with flu like symptoms which doesn't help when one has a wedding happening next week. On top of that the internet connection at home is just not working and that really leads to a load of blogging stuff that does not get done on time.

On a book note - I had disastrous news. For about six months I have been entering book contests which allow a US mailing address and have won over a dozen books. I entered competitions only when I was really dying to read these books and was over the moon when I won. My cousin was willing to bring the books back with her when she returned from the States after her daughter's wedding. For my misfortune luggage was overweight (no Sri Lankan can travel within the restricted amount allowed by airlines - its a genetic fault) and all my books got offloaded. So all my book wins are lying at Boston airport where I do hope someone will read them!!!!

I was featured today on Leeswamme's blog as part of her round the world blogger interviews. As a result I also got two new followers and I would love to welcome them here.

Back to blogging properly once the wedding is over.


  1. I can understand your heartbreak! What a loss! I hope by some luck you come across them again someday. Meantime, enjoy the wedding.

    Best wishes,

  2. How awful having to leave your new books in Boston.

    I hope you are feeling better soon so that you can enjoy the movie.

  3. I sure hope you feel better soon! And OMG on the books. I sure hope you eventually get them!

  4. Oh my, what bad luck after your lucky wins, Mystica! So sad. But I liked your BBA guestpost at Leeswammes!