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Monday, March 15, 2010

Project in Adampan, Mannar

My project in Adampan is going on slowly but surely - support comes in from such unexpected sources that I am amazed. A friend of mine out of the blue rang me to say
that they had done a trip up North to Jaffna and found out first hand information for themselves and they were appalled that they had for seven months just sat in Colombo totally unaware of the actual ground situation and done nothing. She contacted me thinking I might have some opening for them to help out. Here was I looking for help and it fell into my lap. Hopefully this group of people from a suburb of Colombo - will be able to help out in some way.

The individual stories of families that need help are so varied that one could write
individual stories and probably put it together for a book. Most families that seek help have lost one family member and very often with the parent a child has also been
lost mainly due to aerial shelling. How these families are trying to put their lives back together - facing a loss of a parent, and a sibling and economic losses on a huge scale are courageous. Lands have got fallow, gone back into shrub jungle and trying to clear these areas are an uphill job. This area is extremely fertile and I
know that given sufficient inputs it could be turned around.

So far children that have come to my attention have got sponsors of some kind and for this I am truly grateful. All over the world so many natural disasters have made so many people homeless, so many people deprived of everything that resources have to be stretched. I am glad that help is reaching people in Adampan.

The weather gods were kind and rain has started once again in Colombo. True an isolated shower only but hopefully its a beginning. I thought this dry, hot weather was never going to end.

Next month we celebrate a beautiful festival in Sri Lanka - the Singhala and Hindu New Year. Hopefully new beginnings for our country. Cannot end this post without mentioning that we are once again the midst of a general election falling on April 8th. Hopefully peaceful.

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  1. Did you email me your address??? I mean for the book you won.. Are you in the United States?